Pretty Book Cover: Simple Whites


Time for another Pretty Book Covers post!

Simple Whites:

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I’m in love with colors, but sometimes a simple white color can fit a book cover so much better – it is more sophisticated, and fits a more serious theme of a book. Therefore today’s post shows five book covers, which are white and simple, but have interesting black or red details.



Pretty Book Covers: Eyes


After two months of exams, I am finally on my beloved summer vacation, which means I once again have time to post after the schedule on FightingBooks. So here’s another Pretty Book Covers post!



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I must have a thing for covers with beautiful eyes, because everytime I see these kind of covers, I just want to bring the book home with me. I’m probably the type of person to find beauty in people’s eyes before anything else.


Pretty Book Covers: Bright Blue


It is time for another Pretty Book Covers post, so here we go!

Bright Blue:


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Today’s theme is inspired by these cute and lovely, bright, baby blue books which can be seen above. All of these five covers are minimalistic and simple, but still so very pretty due to the motives and patterns. Baby blue colored books like these are the one which are the most luring and tempting, when I find them in a book store. It takes a lot of effort putting them back on the shelf again.


Pretty Book Covers: People Without Faces


Once again I will be posting five book covers that I find extremely pretty and interesting.

Today’s theme is:

People Without Faces:

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These five books are all portraying one or more persons, and what I realized was that all of them portray people with their faces hidden in some way or another. I am guessing that the reason why I like these kind of book covers is because, while they show people on them, they are still portrayed in a way that mystifies them, and lets the reader imagine their own version of how the main character would look.

You can find a more thorough summary and review that I have written of some of the books underneath:


Pretty Book Covers: Black, White and Blues

Hi everyone!

I have always been fascinated with pretty book covers, and often they were the main reason why I would buy the books I now have. Of course a thrilling plot is important when I am buying books, but to this day I still cannot keep myself from randomly buying a book I don’t know, just because it has such a stunning cover.

Inspired by this side of me, I decided to post about covers that I find beautiful, interesting or amazing. Now and then I will be posting these cover-related posts each showing five book covers. Some of the books I will have read, others I may not even know what are about.

If you have some books that you find extremely pretty, make sure to tell me about them in the comments!

Black, White and Blues:

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What these five covers have in common is first of all the colors. This pretty blue background with black and white obejcts, and these objects are all minimalistic and artistic digital illustrations. Honestly the five covers above are exactly the kind of book covers that I would find extremely hard to put away, if I ever found them in the bookstores.