Popsugar Reading Challenge

Every year Popsugar makes a book reading challenge as seen below, and while I doubt I will be able to complete it, I still found it interesting to try.


If you are participating in this reading challenge, please tell me about your process throughout the year :D!



Blogger Recognition Award


Thank you very much, Travelling in My Bookcase, for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! I appreciate it so very much, and I had not expected to be nominated for any awards so soon after the Liebster Award. Once again thank you for realizing that my blog exists!


  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to. Do some digging if you must! Find those blogs. You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.
  • Write a post to show off your award! Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. List who you’ve nominated in the post.
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How my blog started:

My whole life I had wanted to have a blog, where I’d post regularly, and while I did try many many times, I could never keep it up. That was until I finally found a purpose for my blog. In high school I realized how I never read any books anymore, while it had been my biggest hobby when I was younger. Therefore I wanted to try forcing back that reading passion of mine, and to motivate myself, I created this blog to keep track of my process. And it has definitely worked! I have written a much more detailed explanation of this here in my first ever post on Fighting Books.

Advice to new bloggers:

Honestly, I still think it is too early for me to be giving advice to people, but here we go anyways.

  1. As I mentioned above, it definitely helps to have a good purpose of your blog – also try to keep a theme in your posts. Having a specific theme both makes the blog more interesting for your followers, and a theme also gives you some guidelines to your blogging, so you won’t suddenly end up blogging about everything or nothing.
  2. Be patient – I sure have been. You won’t get followers right away, and it may seem strange to write posts to no one, but if you’re patient and consistent in your posting schedule and marketing, it will pay off in the end.

I nominate:

Stacks and Shelves


Molly’s Book Nook




The Little Book Affair

The Lit Mermaid

Forwards and Bookwords

Most of these are people that I follow and enjoy on Instagram, so I thought I would share their blogs with the world. Obviously I haven’t nominated 15 people, but I didn’t want to just blindly pick blogs out.


Would You Rather w/ Friends #5

Would you ratherFind part 1 here (with more info)!

Would you rather…

  1. Only read your favorite genre, or every genre except your favorite?

Rebecca: I don’t even know my favorite genre to be honest. I read just about anything – beside crime and horror.

Maria: I think I would read every genre except my favorite because I feel like I already read all young adult there is and maybe has to start exploring new genres anyway.

Shia: My favorite genre is horror, but I’m very picky about horror books, so I often don’t read them at all – I also mention this here. I like to broaden my knowledge and wouldn’t mind reading all other genres.

  1. Only read physical books or eBooks?

Rebecca: I really do love my Kindle, but I’d have to say physical books. All the way!

Maria: Easy one – only read physical books. I just really like the feeling and coziness related to sitting with a physical book. Even more I love to have them on my book shelf and be reminded of the books I’ve read and liked.

Shia: I don’t see the charm in reading eBooks. I like turning pages and the look of my paperbacks on my book shelf, so physical books, that is.

Would You Rather w/ Friends #4

Would you rather

Find part 1 here (with more info)!

Would you rather…

  1. Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?

Rebecca: New ones, I think. Recently I haven’t reread any of my books.

Maria: Definitely always read new books since that is almost what I’m doing now. There is just too many stories in the world to be reading the same books over and over again. So when I’m done with all the books worth reading, which will be never, then I’ll start reading the same books again.

Shia: I rarely re-read books, which is super dumb, but true, so I would go with always reading new books.

  1. Be a librarian or book seller?

Rebecca: Librarian – just because I feel like that’s so much more right up my alley than a book seller.

Maria: Book seller definitely! I don’t want to find school books for students all the time or tell little children about what a library is or organize computer workshops for old people ;) I would much rather recommend book presents and stuff like that!

Shia: Don’t you have to take some sort of education to become a librarian? Haha – I’m too lazy for that, therefore I’ll go with a book seller.

Would You Rather w/ Friends #3

Would you rather

Find part 1 here (with more info)!

Would you rather…

  1. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

Rebecca: 5 books per week would definitely stress me out, so 5 pages per day at the moment, thank you.

Maria: I hate to pick this one but I would choose to read 5 pages per day. The other one would just be too stressful during busy periods even though it will be kind of awful to stop reading after 5 pages if it’s a really good book.

Shia: I would read 5 pages per day, since that is often the amount of pages that I read in a day. I’m just sometimes too busy to read more or just too tired.

  1. Be a professional reviewer or author?

Rebecca: Author. There’s just something about writing.

Maria: If I just had the imagination of an author‼ But since I haven’t I would prefer to be a professional reviewer and just review other’s work without having to receive all the criticism and getting paid for reading all day, yes please!

Shia: My dream was always to become an author, but I will have to go with a professional reviewer, since I would be a really bad author. I can never seem to finish the stories I write, or even begin writing them down at all.

Would You Rather w/ Friends #2

Would you ratherFind part 1 here (with more info)!

Would you rather…

  1. Shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

Rebecca: Well…Barnes & Noble. There’s just something about going into an actual bookstore and purchasing new books (you can smell them!)

Maria: Always Barnes & Noble and be able to hold the book in my hands while feeling the coziness of a bookstore. I enjoy book shops and being surrounded by books too much to order them online.

Shia: Amazon. I have no idea how to shop at Barnes & Nobles, and even though I don’t like shopping at Amazon (because of the expensive shipping), I have at least tried to order books at Amazon once before. Besides, I always buy books online.

  1. All books become movies or t.v. shows?

Rebecca: Argh…….. movies. But only if they’re really good.

Maria: Movies‼ Books are just better suited for movies if the plot is not really detailed and long maybe like game of thrones (or “A Song of Ice and Fire” as the book series are called ;) ).

Shia: That’s a hard one.. Tv shows lasts longer, but I often never finish them anyways, so movies.

Would You Rather w/ Friends #1

When I found the Would You Rather book tag by Rachel Reads, I decided to do it, and as a twist I had my two awesome book-loving friends, Rebecca and Maria, to join in.

But because we will be answering the questions all three of us, I have chosen to split the tag into five parts, each answering two of the questions. Also – I realized that Rebeccea, Maria and I are extremely alike, haha!

Would you rather

Would you rather…

  1. Read only trilogies or stand alones?

Rebecca: Stand alones, because if they’re well written it’s the best thing in the whole wide world. Trilogies tend to stress me more than excite me because of the pressure of only having finished one of the books but still needing to finish two more.

Maria: I really like reading a mix of trilogies and stand alones but if I had to choose I would read only stand alones. I just think stand alones are a bit more compact and suspenseful rather than some trilogies.
It is also easier to get started on a book if you know it’s a stand alone and doesn’t take all of your time.

Shia: Stand alones, because I always seem to get tired or annoyed with book series. I always find books to be at their best when all the effort has been put into only one novel.

  1. Read only female or male authors?

Rebecca: Female. A glance on my bookshelf tells me there’s definitely more female authors on there than male ones. I dunno why, but that’s just how it is – and how I’d like to be.

Maria: This I haven’t considered, but if I had to choose I would choose only male authors because I find it more interesting to read from another perspective than I would have. Since I’m a girl that would be a male’s perspective ;)

Shia: I never actually pay much attention to the author of the books I am reading, but comparing the amount of male and female authors of my favorite books, there are most females – so I guess I will go with female authors.

Fighting Books – Instagram June Challenge 2015

I’m back!

.. or sort of anyways – In my last post I mentioned how I would be back to my usual schedule here on Fighting Books, which I obviously did not do. So once again, I’m going to try to keep the blog going – I’ve had a lot going on, and a certain book (The Great Gatsby) took so long for me to read that I got no inspiration at all for new blog posts. I’m going to stay away from classics for a while, haha.

So what I did have time for during the month of June was to participate in a June Book Challenge on Instagram, where I had to take certain pictures of books everyday. I followed the challenge made by @thatsthethingaboutbooks which was both fun, but also hard sometimes, since I still don’t own that many books. I enjoyed the challenge and every month people make these challenges on Instagram where everyone can join in on it!

The following pictures were the ones I decided to post.





If you want to follow me on Instagram, it’s @shiathechatbox.


Liebster Award


Thanks to katandkabookle for nominating me for the Liebster Award! It makes me extremely happy to know that people find and enjoy my blog, and thanks to katandkabookle, who nominated ten other book blogs, I now have found a lot more people to follow on WordPress.


  • Thank the person/people who nominated you with a link to their blog
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions from the blogger/s who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 other blogs who have less than or equal to 3000 followers
  • Ask your nominees 11 questions

11 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I’m interested in everything Korean or Japanese, and I watch asian TV shows on a daily basis.
  2. I’m a day dreamer, and enjoy imagining myself in other worlds when I go for walks or listen to music.
  3. I love everything dark, creepy and scary, but at the same time I also love everything pastel and cute.
  4. I’m the type of person to try out a lot of skills, but never becoming an expert in any of them.
  5. One of my dreams is to one day become a game designer.
  6. I’m not very picky with food, but I really can’t eat nuts or licorice.
  7. I love animated shows and movies – at the moment my favorites are Over The Garden Wall, Spirited Away and Adventure Time.
  8. I love video games, especially those with an amazing story.
  9. I’m an indoor person, I enjoy my own company and the silence of my room – with that said, i still love spending time with my friends.
  10. When doing school work and projects, I can’t work while outside, while sitting on the floor or while sitting on a couch.
  11. I’m disappointed in my childhood self because I never wrote a diary, which I could have felt cringy about today.

Questions from katandkabookle:

What’s your biggest pet-peeve?

I can’t handle broken spines on books which I also mentioned in this post.

How long does it usually take you to finish a book?

This depends on the book and on my motivation. Generally it takes a lot longer for me to read a classic than a young adult, but the time range is honestly really random.

If you were to write an autobiography, what would the title be?

If I wrote it today, it would probably be “This Will Be Short“, just because I can’t remember most of my life before the age of 12, so I wouldn’t know what to write.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Buy a Mini Cooper Countryman S, get a cute pug or  go to space and look down at earth from above.

What is your least favorite book and why?

I’m not the type to have least favorites, but books that I did not enjoy very much were The Woman in Black by Susan Hill (I found it quite un-eventful), Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr (I do not like fairies) and Suicide Notes by Michael Thomas Ford (The protagonist was annoying).


Favorite book-to-movie adaptation?

Most books I have read were books I bought because I had seen the movie first. I especially loved The Prestige, Catching Fire, It’s Kind of a Funny Story and The Moth Diaries, but I have many more that I like.

What book character is the most like you?

If you took the two characters Megan and Jasmine from Unspeakable by Abbie Rushton and mixed the two together to one, I would say that that would be the kind of character I could relate to the best.

Do you prefer hard-covers or paperbacks?

I definitely prefer paperbacks, without doubt. For some reason I always find the paperback versions of novels prettier, they are cheaper and they weigh less than hard-covers.

Do you like buying books, or borrowing them out?

I’m trying to grow my personal library, which is slowly but surely working, so I prefer buying books, so that i can keep them afterwards. I sometimes borrow books from my friends, and then end up buying the books from them afterwards.

What was the last book you read?

The last book I read was The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer.

What is your favorite book cover and why?

I have a lot of favorite book covers, like the following:

13 214

I enjoy pretty covers very much and have a series on Fighting Books called Pretty Book Covers.

Bloggers I nominated for the Liebster Award:

I have only nominated three bloggers, because all other bloggers that I know of already have been nominated. Of course, everyone, who have not done this blog tag yet, is welcome to do it as well!

Of Books and Coffee

Frederikke Feilberg

What’s She Reading?

My 11 questions:

  1. What are at least five of your interests?
  2. What is your favorite book genre, and why?
  3. When and why did you start out blogging?
  4. What kind of blogs dominates your feed/Reader/do you follow?
  5. Which books have you bought because you liked the movie adaption (or the other way around)?
  6. At what time of the day are you most productive?
  7. Who is your favorite character in a book?
  8. Which do you prefer: reading, writing, watching or listening?
  9. Which book or movie universe would you go to for a month?
  10. Who is your biggest idol (actor, singer, group, person, etc.)?
  11. Where is your favorite place to relax?


10 Week Book Tag: Question #10

Question #10: Breaking the spine or keeping it new?


Anyone who is close to me would be able to answer this question for me. I am definitely not the type of person who breaks the spine on my books. Whenever it happens, by accident of course, I cannot stop cringing and getting mad at myself for not taking better care of my books. It has gone to the point where I do not even open the book all the way up; I just peak inside, as to not accidently break the spine.

As for the book recommendation of the week, there will not be one this last week of the 10 Week Book Tag. I’m preoccupied with nervous thoughts and fears of the exams starting next week, so I haven’t found the motivation to find today’s recommendation.

But I must thank everyone who decided to give Fighting Books a chance and decided to read the posts of this book tag, but also my reviews and other updates on the blog. Thank you!