Game-Related Books

As some may know, I loves games, and hope to study game design (or something along that line) in the near future. I have recently come to own a few game-related books, and thought I would share them with you here on Fighting Books.

Reality is Broken – Jane McGonigal


In this book, Jane McGonigal, a woman I look very much up to, explains alternate reality games, examples of these, and how to create them yourself. What is more important is that she discusses how these kind of games can not only be viewed as entertainment and an escape from reality, but also how they can improve the world and the lives of the people playing them.

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Introduction to Game Analysis – Clara Fernández-Vara


This book contains a framework on how to study, research and analyse a video game. It mentions different areas you can analyse (context, game overview, formal elements), and explains how to take this knowledge and use it to write the analysis.

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The Well-played Game – Bernard De Koven


Instead of focusing directly on the new game technologies out there, this book focuses on games in general (board games, sports, kids play, etc.) and offers a guide to how games work. Bernard De Koven focuses on social play, and what it means to play well together.

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Ready Player One – Ernest Cline


Differing from the above mentioned books, Ready Player One is a fictional science-fiction novel about the virtual reality game OASIS, and the boy Wade Watts, who participates in the puzzles of this game. Since I have not yet read the book, I can not give a very detailed description of the plot, but I look very much forward to reading it.

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