Five Reasons Why: I love horror stories

If I have to point out my favorite genre, it would definitely be the horror genre. This doesn’t mean that I always buy horror novels – honestly it is the opposite. I am very picky with horror novels and find it hard to find ones that I like, but when I do find a good one, it always affects me so much more than a book in another genre would.


Here’s Five Reasons Why I love horror stories:

  1. My number one reason for liking horror more than any other genre in the world is this: Reading a horror story or watching a horror movie pulls you in with its atmosphere and jump scares which makes you frightened, paranoid or at least uneasy. Horror stories lets you feel the protagonist’s feeling, so you are just as scared as he or she is. Romantic stories doesn’t make you fall in love when the protagonist falls in love, but horror stories definitely makes you scared when the protagonist is (if it is a well written story, of course). Horror stories let me feel, and even though it is the feeling of being afraid or paranoid, I still enjoy it so very much.

  2. If a horror story is well written and full of creepy and eerie moments, you will not be forgetting it very soon. I like how horror stories stay with me far longer than others stories do.

  3. The good thing about horror stories is that they tend to constantly have a huge amount of suspense, which also keeps the story interesting, and therefore is much easier to read.

  4. I have always been fascinated with the darker sides of the human mind, and it is often horror movies that introduce me to all kinds of interesting psychological topics, which broaden my knowledge.

  5. Who doesn’t enjoy watching a horror movie with a friend and be able to laugh together because of how terrified you both are?



4 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why: I love horror stories

  1. I love this! Most people don’t understand why I love horror stories but you totally get it! Especially with the fascination of the darker side of the human mind! SO SO TRUE <3 Honestly though sometimes while watching horror movies, I tend to laugh especially when the death of the character is really weird like in Final Destination movies. Is that weird? lol

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