Five Reasons Why: I won’t buy the book

When scanning through the books in the bookstore or on the internet, I often come by books that I, simply put, would never buy, unless I had heard an amazing review about it. Sometimes it is for random reasons that I choose not to buy a book, like my current mood or my economy, but other times the book contains elements that just makes me want to throw the book away.


So here’s Five Reasons Why I won’t buy the book:

  1. Starting from the first impressions of a book, I must admit that I am a sucker for pretty and interesting book covers. If I don’t know a book and it has a terribly ugly cover, I won’t buy it. I know that I shouldn’t think like this, because a lot of books have amazing plots hidden behind an ugly cover, but sadly that is the truth of the effect a cover gives to a book.

  2. Opening up and quickly looking through the pages of a book is a normal act, when trying to figure out whether to buy a book or not. This method also easily shows whether the story is told by one or more character perspectives. If I notice that a book is told by more than one character, I won’t buy it. I have huge issues with reading books with many perspectives, because it ruins the flow of the story and honestly it is just annoying.

  3. If the summary on the back of a book mentions love and romance as the main theme, I probably won’t buy the book. I can accept love as a smaller theme of a book, but I am terrible at reading plain and cliché romance novels, because they make me cringe.

  4. If the book is more than 500 pages long, with tiny fonts and no space between every line, I will probably get tired of the book easily, because I’m not very good at staying with one story for too long at a time. Usually long books also have more moments where my interest falters, which means more chances of me giving up on the book.

  5. Also if the book is part of a long series with more than three books, I won’t buy it. Actually I’m not very fond of book series at all. They make me feel obligated to read the whole series, even when I don’t like the first book, and I usually find that books which are part of a series are often either too slow or too rushed.



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