10 Week Book Tag: Question #2

Question #2: Bookmark or a random piece of paper?

Question 2

As you may know, I read a lot when I was younger. I often started reading one book, put it away for some time and then started reading another. As I kept doing this, the ‘currently reading’ category grew wildly, and therefore it was impossible to use real bookmarks. Instead, I ripped a random piece of paper off some notebook near me, and sometimes decorated these to make them seem just a tiny bit more like an actual bookmark.

Today, this has changed one hundred percent. The lack of bookmarks in my childhood stirred something in me, and today I own many more bookmarks than what is necessary. My best friend made me a stack of pretty scrap paper bookmarks, and every time I receive a packaged from Book Depository, I am hoping deep into my soul that they sent a bookmark with it.

 Book recommendation of the week:

It is the month of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie release and the day of Valentine, so this week I will be recommending the novel Consequences written by Aleatha Romig. The book is the first one in the series of the same name and is about a woman called Claire Nichols, who one day wakes up realizing that she has been abducted by the handsome and extremely rich Anthony Rawlings – a man full of rules and secrets. We learn about how Claire survives this strict imprisonment and how her relationship with her captor slowly develops. It is an interesting read for those who wants to read a romantic novel that is not all about fun and first loves.



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