Flash Review: I am Legend – Richard Matheson


I am Legend by Richard Matheson was a book I decided to read, because I had watched the movie with the same name and loved it.
I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I hated the book, not at all in fact, but it sure wasn’t the story I expected.
If you haven’t watched the movie, there probably won’t be any problems with reading the book, but if you have, expect the book to be nothing like the movie!
First of all the main character is nothing like the character that Will Smith is acting as in the movie. In the book the main character is a lonely man tempted by the female vampires outside his house while he spends all of his time researching to find a cure.

The vampires, too, are also very different than the ones in the movie which seems more like humanoid monsters. The vampires we see in the book are exactly like the traditional vampires that we know of, the ones who suck blood and needs to be stabbed through the heart with a stake.

These are only a few of the differences, but note that there are many more differences between the book and the movie I am Legend.


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