Welcome to Fighting Books


I am Shia, and this is my new blog Fighting Books. Since I was little, I’ve always felt an extreme joy when reading fiction books. They took me far away to another world, where everything could happen, and where I could let my imagination and dreams run free. They gave me the possibility to hear another person’s thought, to feel another person’s feelings and to live another person’s life. I could spend each and every day reading books and learning a lot of new things by reading them, and I would never get bored with the amazing adventures that happened inside the books.

But as time goes on, you grow, you change. At one point of my life, I just didn’t have the time to read anymore. School, friends and other hobbies took over, and I forgot to keep space for the books. Other things found my interest, other things occupied my time, and I must admit that books weren’t a very big part of my life anymore.

I’ve always read a book now and then – it’s not like I completely stopped reading – but it was much less than when I was little. So I decided to try to change that. I want to feel the same joy, I did once and the joy that I actually still feel, when I finally pull myself together to read a book. Every time I pick up a book, I find other things to do or I end up falling asleep, and I end up not having read anything. I love books, and I have always bought books when they piqued my interest, but I never even read most of them. I called this blog Fighting Books, because I want to change that “laziness” of mine and begin reading books again.

This blog will be about my personal fight as I try to read all of the books I have wanted to read for years and the books which are standing on my shelf just waiting to be picked up and read. The blog is mostly made as a personal list made to remind myself to read, and to make it easier for me to see a development – but you are free to check the blog out anyways!



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